• Regularisation of Long Term Undocumented Migrants Scheme

    Regularisation of Long Term Undocumented

    Regularisation of Long Term Undocumented Migrants Scheme   The long anticipated Regularisation of Long Term Undocumented Migrants Scheme will be...

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  • Company Law

    Company Law

    Company Law Services We advise directors in relation to their duties and responsibilities under the Companies Acts, 1963-2003. Since the...

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  • Employment Permits

    Employment Permits

    PERMISSION TO WORK IN IRELAND/ EMPLOYMENT PERMITS We have been consulted by a high volume of organisations varying from small...

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  • Immigration


    We provide a full and comprehensive service in the area of Immigration Law. We have extensive experience in all areas...

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  • Immigrant Investor Programme

    Immigrant Investor Programme

    The Irish Government has introduced two major new immigration initiatives aimed at facilitating (non-EEA) migrant entrepreneurs and investors who in...

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  • Personal Injury Claims and Litigation

    Personal Injury Claims and Litigation

    Personal injury and illness can have a profound, dramatic and sometimes life changing impact for the person injured and for...

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  • Accidents / Work Accidents

    Accidents / Work Accidents

    Occupational Injuries / Injuries at Work Injuries which occur in the work place are known as occupational injuries, or occupational...

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  • Personal Injury Board

    Personal Injury Board

    Aidan T Stapleton & Co is a firm with vast experience gained over 30 years litigating all types of Personal...

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  • PTSD Disorder / PTSD Claims

    PTSD Disorder / PTSD Claims

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD and other mental injuries are life changing events for many people. PTSD itself is...

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  • Medical Negligence Claims

    Medical Negligence Claims

    If you have been injured as a result of medical or dental error, we at ATS & Co have successfully...

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  • Professional Negligence Claims

    Professional Negligence Claims

    Whilst we believe that most professionals adhere to high standards, we are aware of an increasing number of clients who...

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  • Family


    We are experienced solicitors who have gained high respect in the family law arena. Our approach has always been to...

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  • Probate, Wills & Estate Planning

    Probate, Wills & Estate Planning

    Our expert solicitors provide you with expert advice on all areas of inheritance law and succession planning. We advise on...

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  • Power of Attorney / Trusts

    Power of Attorney / Trusts

    A Power of Attorney is a legal instrument in Ireland that can be set up by a person, named the...

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  • Conveyancing Services

    Conveyancing Services

    We advise clients in relation to all aspects of property matters. We provide a custom service from the initial offer...

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