• Company Law

    Company Law

    Company Law Services We advise directors in relation to their duties and responsibilities under the Companies Acts, 1963-2003. Since the...

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  • Employment Permits

    Employment Permits

    PERMISSION TO WORK IN IRELAND/ EMPLOYMENT PERMITS We have been consulted by a high volume of organisations varying from small...

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  • Immigration


    We provide a full and comprehensive service in the area of Immigration Law. We have extensive experience in all areas...

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  • Immigrant Investor Programme

    Immigrant Investor Programme

    The Irish Government has introduced two major new immigration initiatives aimed at facilitating (non-EEA) migrant entrepreneurs and investors who in...

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  • Personal Injury Claims and Litigation

    Personal Injury Claims and Litigation

    Personal injury and illness can have a profound, dramatic and sometimes life changing impact for the person injured and for...

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  • Accidents / Work Accidents

    Accidents / Work Accidents

    Occupational Injuries / Injuries at Work Injuries which occur in the work place are known as occupational injuries, or occupational...

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  • Personal Injury Board

    Personal Injury Board

    Aidan T Stapleton & Co is a firm with vast experience gained over 30 years litigating all types of Personal...

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  • PTSD Disorder / PTSD Claims

    PTSD Disorder / PTSD Claims

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD and other mental injuries are life changing events for many people. PTSD itself is...

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  • Medical Negligence Claims

    Medical Negligence Claims

    If you have been injured as a result of medical or dental error, we at ATS & Co have successfully...

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  • Professional Negligence Claims

    Professional Negligence Claims

    Whilst we believe that most professionals adhere to high standards, we are aware of an increasing number of clients who...

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  • Family


    We are experienced solicitors who have gained high respect in the family law arena. Our approach has always been to...

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  • Probate, Wills & Estate Planning

    Probate, Wills & Estate Planning

    Our expert solicitors provide you with expert advice on all areas of inheritance law and succession planning. We advise on...

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  • Power of Attorney / Trusts

    Power of Attorney / Trusts

    A Power of Attorney is a legal instrument in Ireland that can be set up by a person, named the...

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  • Conveyancing Services

    Conveyancing Services

    We advise clients in relation to all aspects of property matters. We provide a custom service from the initial offer...

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