Accidents / Work Accidents

Occupational Injuries / Injuries at Work

Injuries which occur in the work place are known as occupational injuries, or occupational acquired injuries. It is a fact that some people have to work in relatively dangerous workplaces where there is an exposure to and likelihood of serious injury occurring. In such work places the risk of serious injury is therefore increased. Whereas employers are obliged under law to provide a safe place and system of work, accidents very often happen through inadvertence, oversight, non compliance with statutory obligations, or work place systems where there is no proper implementation of safety codes.

Occupational injuries can be both serious and debilitating, and can result in significant loss of wages, or in loss of capacity to earn where a person is self employed. In such circumstances this will result in a claim being made for Special Damages in addition to the claim for General Damages for pain and suffering.

At Aidan T Stapleton & Co we have specialist experience over many years in dealing with accidents in the work place and occupational acquired injuries at every level.

Statute of Limitations

A person who has been injured has 2 years from the date of the accident or two years from the date of knowledge in which to issue legal proceedings in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Liability Courts Act 2004. In the case of minors or those with intellectual impairment time limits are extended by legislation. If in any doubt about whether your case is within the Statute of Limitations it is important that you seek legal advice immediately.

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