Settlement and HSE apology for woman whose breast cancer was misdiagnosed

An apology has issued to a woman whose breast cancer was misdiagnosed three times as a result of personal injury and medical negligence proceedings brought against the HSE.  The apology from the HSE arises as the Plaintiff, Olive Fahey, had to undergo a mastectomy 19 months after the initial misdiagnosis when an invasive cancer was finally discovered.  The surgeon and consultant radiologist involved in the medical misdiagnosis of Mrs. Fahey also admitted liability.

The apology was read out in the High Court as part of Mrs. Fahey's settlement of her aggravated damages action as a result of the medical misdiagnosis.  While an admission of negligence and an apology finally issued, this only arose after five years of defending Mrs. Fahey’s personal injury proceedings issued in this action.

As a result of the settlement reached, the High Court heard that on three separate occasions between September 2005 and March 2007, Mrs. Fahey was told and assured that she did not have breast cancer.  An infiltrating invasive cancer was finally discovered in 2007 in a case which sparked off a review of the breast cancer services at the Limerick Hospital.


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