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  • " I have dealt with previous solicitors over the years but found Aidan Stapleton to be a breath of fresh air when he acted for me in a personal injury matter. He dealt with me in a very professional manner and I was informed of every step throughout the process. " - B. Walsh
  • " From our personal experience in dealing with your firm over several years we have recommended you to a friend of ours who was in a somilar situation to us, and we would have no hesitation in recommending your firm to others in the future. " - Fiona Butterworth
  • " This firm dealt with a difficult case for me over several years and got a very good result for me. Apart from the result which was a great bonus, it was the level of contact and support throughout my dealings with the firm that impressed me most. " - Tom Toibin
  • " Overall excellent service with great attention to detail and commitment to my case. " - James McCabe
  • " The level of support and contact which I received from everyone involved in my case was something which I did not expect to happen, and it made the whole legal experience far easier for me from the start to the conclusion of my case " - Rob O'Connelly
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About us

The Dublin Law Firm of Aidan T. Stapleton & Company was established in 1983 and has wide experience in representing clients in many areas of law. In that time our firm has established a widespread reputation in representing clients not alone in Dublin, but throughout the country and abroad in a wide variety of cases, but in particular in litigation practice in the areas of personal injury, road traffic accidents, fatal accidents and work related accidents.

If you would like to consult our firm on any of the matters in our website we would be happy to assist you with your enquiry, click here to contact us.

Range of Services


  1. Green Card
  2. Work Permits
  3. Business Permission
  4. Intra Company Transfers
  5. Judicial Review
  6. EU Treaty Rights, Marriage to E U. National
  7. Refusal of Visas
  8. Appeals
  9. Habeas Corpus Applications
  10. Student Visa Applications
  11. Citizenship and Naturalisation
  12. Applications based on marriage and relationship to EU and Irish citizens    
  13. Family Reunification Applications
  14. Revocation of Deportation Orders
  15. Humanitarian Leave to Remain Applications


Immigrant Investor Programme

  1. The Immigrant Investor Programme
  2. Residency Requirements
  3. Self Sufficiency
  4. Provenance of the Funds
  5. Start-up Entrepreneur Programme
  6. Duration and Nature of Immigration Permission
  7. Renewal of Residency Permission
  8. Eligible Family Members
  9. Naturalisation options
  10. Why Ireland?


Personal Injury Claims and Litigation

  1. Road Traffic Accidents
  2. Accidents causing Death
  3. Fatal Road Accidents
  4. Accidents Causing Catastrophic Injuries
  5. Claims pursuant to Civil Liability Act 1961
  6. Accidents in Public Places
  7. Slip and Fall Accidents 
  8. Holiday Accidents and Accidents Abroad
  9. Accidents against Local Authorities
  10. Criminal Injury Claims against the State.
  11. Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland Claims/no insurance
  12. Accidents causing personal injury involving citizens from Northern Ireland, UK and USA and Europe.


Occupation Injury Accidents/Work Accidents

  1. Occupational/Work Related Accidents
  2. Occupational Acquired Accidents
  3. Repetitive Strain Claims
  4. Accidents at Work
  5. Accidents involving Dangerous Work Place
  6. Accidents involving Breach of Statutory Duty
  7. Accidents involving Negligent Employers


Personal Injury Board Assessment Claims/Injury Board Claims

  1. Processing Injury Board Applications
  2. Judicial Review Applications


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/PTSD Claims

  1. Mental Injury Claims
  2. Nervous Shock Claims
  3. Psychiatric Illness Claims

Medical Negligence Claims

  1. Surgical Errors
  2. Cancer Misdiagnosis
  3. Claims for negligence in Accident & Emergency Departments
  4. Obstetric and Gynaecological Injuries
  5. Cerebral Palsy Cases
  6. Laparoscopy or Keyhole Surgery Injuries
  7. Cosmetic Surgery Injuries and claims
  8. Claims arising out of misdiagnosis generally


Professional Negligence Claims

  1. Architects
  2. Engineers
  3. Estate Agents
  4. Surveyors
  5. Solicitors
  6. Valuers


Divorce in Ireland

  1. Legal Separation
  2. Judicial Separation
  3. Divorce Court Applications
  4. Family Law Applications
  5. Child Abduction Applications
  6. District Court Applications             
  7. Maintenance Applications
  8. Access Applications


Probate, Wills & Estate Planning

  1. Making of Wills
  2. Grant of Probate
  3. Grant of Administration
  4. Grant de Bonis Non
  5. Grant of Representation
  6. Applications to Probate Court
  7. Court Application to Determine validity of Will
  8. Service to lawyers and solicitors in United Kingdom/Great Britain, U.S.A. and Canada


Power of Attorney / Trusts

  1. Powers of Attorney
  2. Enduring Powers of Attorney 
  3. Trusts


Conveyancing Services

  1. House Purchase
  2. House Sale
  3. Remortgage
  4. Grant of Leases